Model Eye: You lookin’ at me?

Winning: The Spirit Award

Prosthetic Arm: It seems outta reach!!

Balsawood Glider: Gliding the friendly skies!!

Sponge Activity: Slime and Grime

Prosthetic Arm: Lending a helping hand

Civil Structure: Now that’s under pressure


WINNERS   EggXpress High School   1st Place:Vivian Mai (Grade 9)  and Leanne Vu (Grade 9)   Name of School:Yerba Buena   2nd Place:Mark Santiago (Grade 10)  and Anthony Francis (Grade 9)    Name of School:Santa Teresa   3rd Place:Charlyn Lagpacan(Grade 9)   Name of School:Santa Teresa   Mouse Trap Cars High School   1st Place:Dora Cisneros (Grade 12)   Name of School:Mt. Pleasant   2nd Place:Shafqat Dulal (Grade 12)  and Bruce Peng (Grade 12)   Name of School:Independence   3rd Place:Khoa Tran (Grade 11) and Reece Sagun (Grade 11)   Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    Balsawood Gliders High School   1st Place:: Donald Nguyen (Grade 12)  and Avalon Parton (Grade 11)    Name of School:Lincoln High   2nd Place:Janesh Chhabra (Grade 11)  and Joshua Lopez (Grade 11)    Name of School:Silver Creek   3rd Place:Kevin Tran (Grade 11) andBozo Vareskic (Grade 11)    Name of School:Lincoln High    Model Science-The Brain High School   1st Place::Dora Cisneros (Grade 12)  and Cristian Montes (Grade 11)    Name of School:Mt.Pleasant    2nd Place:Stacey Pereira (Grade 11)  and Stephanie Pereira (Grade 9)    Name of School:Santa Teresa   3rd Place:Gina Gilson (Grade 12)  andRommel Jimenez (Grade 12)    Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    Civil Structures High School   1st Place::Carl Magbual (Grade 10)  and Nghia Nguyen (Grade 10)    Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    2nd Place:Naomi Herrera (Grade 10)  and Simranpreet Singh (Grade 10)    Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    3rd Place:Anel Ambrocio (Grade 12)  andEvelyn Ngo (Grade 12)    Name of School:Yerba Buena    NEC Prosthetic Arm-High School   1st Place::Diep Nguyen (Grade 12) Bernardo Dela Rosa (Grade 12) ,Steven Ha (Grade 12)  and Marco Gomez (Grade 12)    Name of School:Yerba Buena    2nd Place:Josiah Lopez (Grade 10)  ,Kenny Solorio (Grade 9) ,Deric Abril (Grade 11)  and Hassan Pathan (Grade 9)    Name of School:Independence    3rd Place:Alex Kromrey (Grade 12)  ,Uxmal Melchor (Grade 12) and Crisanto Fernandez (Grade 9)    Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    Speak Easy-High School   1st Place::Victor Ngo (Grade 12)   Name of School:Yerba Buena    2nd Place:Alicia Gutierrez (Grade 12)    Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    3rd Place:Jaslin Gosal (Grade 12)    Name of School:Mt. Pleasant    Solo Math-High School Algebra 2   1st Place::Wesley Chen    Name of School:Santa Teresa    2nd Place:Leanne Vu    Name of School:Yerba Buena    3rd Place:Carolyn La    Name of School:Silver Creek    Solo Math-High School Geometry   1st Place:Mamta Kanda    Name of School:Lincoln High   2nd Place:Hung Tran    Name of School:Yerba Buena    3rd Place:Kasandra Arreola    Name of School:Silver Creek    Solo Math-High School Math Analysis/Pre-Cal/Cal   1st Place:Long Nguyen   Name of School:Yerba Buena    2nd Place:Diep Nguyen    Name of School:Yerba Buena    3rd Place:Steven Ha    Name of School:Yerba Buena    EggXpress-Middle School   1st Place:Niki Blair (Grade 8) and Jonathan Aragon (Grade 8)    Name of School:Yerba Buena    2nd Place:Tye Franco (Grade 8)    Name of School:Yerba Buena    3rd Place:Chelsea Cortez (Grade 8) Elsie Boueche (Grade 8)    Name of School:Yerba Buena    Mouse Trap Cars-6th Grade   1st Place:Basil Mosqueda (Grade 6) and Minh Ton (Grade 6)    Name of School:Burnett Middle    2nd Place:Florentino Ventura (Grade 6) and Alexandro Palacio (Grade 6)    Name of School:Fischer Middle    Mouse Trap Cars-7th and 8th Grade   1st Place:Mayolo Valencia (Grade 7) and Juan Ramirez (Grade 7)    Name of School:Joseph George Middle    2nd Place:Michael Anchondo (Grade 7) and Maritza Flores (Grade 8)    Name of School:Joseph George Middle    3rd Place:Enrique Hernandez (Grade 7)    Name of School:Joseph George Middle    Balsawood Gliders-Middle School   1st Place:Karely Ruvalcaba (Grade 7) Jose Guardado (Grade 8)    Name of School:Joseph George Middle    2nd Place:Michael Anchondo (Grade 7)    Name of School:Joseph George Middle    3rd Place:Aldwin Rufo (Grade 8) and Jan Coloma (Grade 8)    Name of School:Sheppard Middle    Model Science-The Human Eye   1st Place:Gabrielle Welch (Grade 8) and Huong Nguyen (Grade 8)    Name of School:Sheppard Middle    2nd Place:David Ly (Grade 8) and Christina Banh (Grade 8)    Name of School:Bridges Academy    3rd Place:Jan Coloma (Grade 8) and Aldwin Rufo (Grade 8)    Name of School:Sheppard Middle    Stick Together 6th Grade   1st Place::Peter Andrade (Grade 6)    Name of School:Adelante Middle    2nd Place:Katherine Sevegan (Grade 6) and Esthela Flores (Grade 6)    Name of School:Burnett Middle    Stick Together 7th and 8th Grade   1st Place:Brandon Huynh (Grade 7)    Name of School:Burnett Middle    2nd Place:Michael Anchondo (Grade 7) and Paul Barrientos (Grade 8)    Name of School:Joseph George    3rd Place:Thao Vo (Grade 8) and Brisa Rojas (Grade 8)    Name of School:Fischer Middle    NEC Prosthetic Arm-Middle School    1st Place:Daniel Martinez (Grade 6) and Nicte Rivera (Grade 6) and Lliana Iniguez (Grade 6) and Ximena Rocha (Grade 6)    Name of School:Adelante    2nd Place:Jason Khuon (Grade 8) and Kendrick Le (Grade 8) and Christian Ventura (Grade 8)    Name of School:Bridges Academy    3rd Place:Rosa Ventura (Grade 8) and Lisette Ruano (Grade 8) and Esmeralda Martinez (Grade 8) and Daisy Rodriguez (Grade 8)    Name of School:Fischer Middle    Speak Up 7th and 8th Grade   1st Place:Novene Quinto (Grade 8)    Name of School:Fischer Middle    2nd Place:Huong Nguyen (Grade 8)    Name of School:Sheppard Middle    3rd Place:Yaira Cortez (Grade 8)    Name of School:Fischer Middle    Speak Up 6th Grade   1st Place:Alexandra Paez (Grade 6)    Name of School:Fischer Middle    2nd Place:Michelle Paganini (Grade 6)    Name of School:Adelante    3rd Place:Trixie Micarso (Grade 6)    Name of School:Sheppard Middle    Solo Math-Middle School General Math/Pre Algebra   1st Place:Brandon Loi    Name of School:Sheppard Middle    2nd Place:Abegail Adona    Name of School:Ocala Middle    3rd Place:Anna Do    Name of School:Ocala Middle    Solo Math-Middle School Algebra 1/Geometry   1st Place:David Ly    Name of School:Bridges Academy    2nd Place:Christian Ventura    Name of School:Bridges Academy    3rd Place:Jeffrey Wang    Name of School:Bridges Academy

Unleashing Student Potential

San Jose State University MESA Schools Program provides students with hands-on, engaging opportunities to explore the areas of math, science and engineering. By serving elementary, junior high and high schools in San Jose area, we prepare and motivate educationally disadvantaged students to successfully pursue college-preparatory coursework and promote careers in math and science.

Through MESA, students develop academic and leadership skills, increase educational performance, and gain confidence in their ability to compete professionally. California MESA serves more than 20,000 California pre-college, community college and university students who are educationally disadvantaged. This awarding winning model has an outstanding success rate:

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